Paige De Ponte, Owner

Paige, wife of the late Bully De Ponte, owns and runs the Triple L full-time these days.  Making her one of the only women to run a cattle ranch in Hawaii. No small feat,  she has an amazing crew to help, and for 30+ years the Wong family have been an integral part of Triple L Ranch roundups a full two day event twice a year as part of our ranching.   When she 's not running the business, she is a published author who writes a daily blog, as well as an established artist who paints and shows photography and artwork with several online galleries. She is represented by Salomon Arts Gallery in Tribeca, New York.

Paige spends her off-time taking photos, painting, as well as teaching her eight grandchildren the ropes of art and ranching!

For the past 25 years, Paige has worked worldwide to protect the Earth's natural resources and communities. Her photography book series Gaia I and II and related documentaries underscore her desire to protect the Kanaio community and its cultural history, as knowledge is key to the survival and protection of this pristine environment.


Zach De Ponte, Owner

Zach, son of the late Bully De Ponte, is a jack-of-all-trades, he ran the famous on ranch Bully's Burgers, ( in renovations) also leading rides and mending fences. 

Zach is a family man with three strapping boys to pick up the slack when Pops needs a hand!  Izzy, Zayden, and Rhett Louis are all ranch hands in the making.


Maurissa De Ponte, Owner Manager

Maurissa, sister of Zach and daughter of Paige and Bully, is our Chef-in-Residence, cooking up amazing burgers and BBQ on the full- and half- day rides. She's also the proud mother of three mini Paniolos: Kahealani, Kupono and Kamali'i.