Private, Custom Ranch Tours

We're the only boutique cattle ranch on Maui that allows you to join us for ranch tours while we check the cattle, we go out everyday for 1.5 and 2 hour as well as 3.5 and 5.5 tours. We cater to all levels of riders, with horses fit for every riding ability, with landscapes as varied as beautiful as anything this earth has to offer.  Our tours are small, never routine and always different, and the Kanaio landscape is totally unlike any other in Maui. On all of our tours, you can learn about the amazing ancient ruins, battle and burial grounds that we strive to protect as Hawai'ian sacred sites. And of course our family and ranch's history.  Please note these are  private tours, this means it is just you and the cowboy. We always offer the utmost personal private experience to each and everyone. Our tours are a part of our work day we make sure our cattle grazes within the free range area and keep the invasive species ( Axis Deer and Goats) from coming into the pasture management area where they destroy this pristine area.

Triple L Ranch has been riding these hills for over 50 years, and there are over 626 archeological sites in Kanaio alone – our cowboys are happy to point them out and fill you in on Kanaio’s unique history.  For more information about our ride policies, please read our Policies page.

For fastest results call or send us a text.

Few notes:

At Triple L Ranch all tours are private just your party and the guide.

Please keep in mind its always busy season in Hawaii please book in advance, Mahalo :)

Our age minimum is 10 years old.

Weight Max 250lbs

Max group 5 persons

CALL or TEXT # 808-280-7070


1.5 or 2 Hour Ranch Tours

Cattle check tour. On this tour, we ride down the range to check the nursery (cows and calves) The longer rides we check water lines and you get to full tour of the pastures and the unique Hawai'ian history and cultural practices.  Fun for the whole family!

Ranch Picnic Tour 3.5 hours

This route takes you from the backside of Haleakala, winding through our ranches cattle country and historic sites  stopping at our lookout point for a catered lunch,  savory treats, fresh fruit and delicious desserts. This is a very important ride as we need to keep our cattle upland and keep invasive species below the pasture management areas.


 Extended Ranch Picnic Tour 5 hours

A similar ride as the half-day, a longer break time to hike and explore on your own or just relax in the open landscapes of Kanaio as our guests. We rest the horses you enjoy our culture as residents of the area.