Custom Rides: Choose Your Own Adventure


1.5 HR: $135.00 plus tax
2 HR: $160.00 plus tax
 Each additional 30 min: $35.00

When you arrive, we explain the different terrains and let you decide where you want to go, across the open range to where you dismount and walk to the volcano cinder rims which open up to the most amazing view of the last lava flow on Maui (1768).  You are literally standing on the backside of Haleakala Crater and the flow of runs right under you and spread out to the sea.

The lower range butts up to the base of a giant cinder cone called Pi’imoi where long ago the king would march the warriors on the Old King's Trail along the coast up to Pi’Imoi  to wage battle and train.  A very powerful place, also the home of the mysterious seven graves.

Or you can choose to ride the old upper Ka’naio road, where you’ll see the Hawaiian Church built when this area was one of the most populated in Maui, many Hawaiians lived here in the summer months then migrated to the beach below in the winter carrying their gourds filled with dirt to grow vegetables, they would spend those months stocking up on fish. You will see the old villages and canoe hales still intact as you cruise the bays on the beach rides.

We also have a wonderful sunset ride up the mountain-side to the reservoir the panoramic views lay the land before you,  Ko’hoolawe and the Big Island in all their magnificence off the horizon make for a memorable experience.

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